Dr. Daniel Bopp

Five key publications

PARKHURST, S. M., BOPP, D., ISH-HOROWICZ D. (1990). X:A ratio is transduced by helix-loop-helix proteins in Drosophila. Cell 63: 1179-1191

MEISE M., HILFIKER-KLEINER, D., BRUNNER, C., DÜBENDORFER, A., NÖTHIGER, R. BOPP, D, (1998) Sex-lethal, the master sex-determining gene in Drosophila, is not sex-specifically regulated in Musca Domestica. Development 125: 1487-1494

DÜBENDORFER, A., HEDIGER, M., BURGHARDT, G, BOPP, D. (2002) Musca domestica, a window on the evolution of sex-determining mechanisms. Int. J. Dev. Biol. 46: 75-79.

HEDIGER, M., BURGHARDT, G., SIEGENTHALER, C., BUSER, N., HILFIKER-KLEINER, D., DÜBENDORFER, A., BOPP, D. (2004) Sex determination of Drosophila melanogaster and Musca domestica converges at the level of the terminal regulator doublesex. Dev. Genes Evol. 214: 29-42.

BURGHARDT, G., HEDIGER, M., SIEGENTHALER, CH., MOSER, M., DÜBENDORFER, A. AND BOPP, D. (2005) The transformer2 gene in Musca domestica is required for selecting and maintaining the female pathway of development. Dev. Genes Evol. 215:165-76