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Congratulations Ruxandra Bachmann!!!



We are proud and happy to report that Ruxandra got awarded the very prestigious SNF Förderprofessorship of the Swiss National Science Foundation. From this fall on she will be an independent assistant professor at the Institute of Molecular Genetics. Luckily she will continue to be associated with us via her fish work. Incidentally I started my academic career with the same professorship. Congratulations and all the best for starting your completely independent research team. 


Congratulation Dr. Stella Glasauer


Proud „Doktorvater“ with Stella Glasauer at the graduation ceremony in October 2016

It's over - 2nd European Meeting on Phototransduction


The 2nd European Meeting on Phototransduction which took place in September 2016 on the beautiful Monte Verita in Ascona was a full success. The 50 participants from 12 different countries presented and discussed photoransduction in all its depth from biophysical properties to evolution and diseases. 


Yuya Sugano: best thesis prize- Swiss society for anatomy



Yuya Sugano was awarded the best thesis prize at the annual meeting of the Swiss society for anatomy. Congratulations to this well-deserved honor.


Some part of the thesis is published in Kidney Int. 2015 Nov;88(5):1047-56 (Sugano et al;  The Rho-GTPase binding protein IQGAP2 is required for the glomerular filtration barrier) 

2nd European Meeting on Phototransduction



2nd European meeting on Phototransduction from September 04 - 07, 2016 to be held at the Conference Centre Monte Verita in Switzerland


Stephan Neuhauss
Karl-Wilhelm Koch

Stella Glasauer

 cover Journal of Comparative Neurology Vol.524 / No.12



new paper out

mglur6b:EGFP Transgenic zebrafish suggest novel functions of metabotropic glutamate signaling in retina and other brain regions


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The Neuhauss Lab on TV

SRF Einstein Episode from 21.04.2011 about Zebrafish science in Zurich.