Awards, Grants & Fellowships

We gratefully acknowledge our funding sources:

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Lab Funds


Sinergia logo
Sinergia,Collaborative Research Grant, Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF (with B. Schuler, F. Allain and G. Jeschke),  2017-20


Target ALS logo

Target ALS, Collaborative Research Grant (with Neurimmune, L. Ranum and C. Lagier-Tourenne),  2017- 19


AFTD logo
Collaborative Research Grant (with investigators from UCL), FTD Biomarkers Initiative, 2016-18



ARSLA logo
Collaborative Research Project Grant (with Luc Dupuis), French ALS association (ARSLA), 2016-17


Research Project Grant, Research Talent Delevopment Fund (FAN), University of Zurich 2015-17



Magdalini Polymenidou, SNSF Professorship, Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF, 2013-17



Clinical Research Priority Programs Small RNAs, University of Zurich, 2014-15



Research Project Grant, Swiss Foundations of Research on Neuromuscular Diseases, 2015-17



Research Project Grant, Novartis Foundation for Biomedical Research, 2014-15


Magdalini Polymenidou, Junior Principal Investigator, NCCR RNA & Disease, 2015-2018


Marian Hruska-Plochan, Forschungskredit of University of Zurich, Candoc level

Marian Hruska-Plochan, Milton Safenowitz Post Doctoral Fellowship from ALS Research, ALS Association.

Florent Laferriere, Milton Safenowitz Post Doctoral Fellowship for ALS Research, ALS Association

Zuzanna Maniecka, Forschungskredit of University of Zurich, Candoc level

Florent Laferriere, Forschungskredit of University of Zurich, Postdoc level

Eva-Maria Hock, Neuroscience Center Zurich ZNZ, PhD Grant


Magdalini Polymenidou, Georg-Friedrich Götz Prize of the University of Zurich, 2014

Magdalini Polymenidou, Carrer Development Award, Human Frontier Science Program HFSP 2013-16