2017 - News

October 2017

Congratulations Magda for the EMBO Young Investigator Award!
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Our collaborative work on GFP-complementation and TDP-43 was just published in Scientific Reports!
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Present Tariq




Goodbye Tariq and good luck in Lausanne! 



September 2017

goodbye florent


Saying Goodbye to Florent! 


The Motor Neurone Disease Australia highlights our study on TDP-43 oligomerization on their International research update!
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August 2017

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The SNF funding for our lab was extended for another two years! 




Magda received an Investigator Initiated Award by the ALS Association! 


July 2017

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Sarah and Myriam happy


Julien at BBQ


Saying Goodbye to Sarah and Myriam!



Faculty of Science


Our study on TDP-43 oligomerization featured by the Faculty of Science of our University!


Our paper on TDP-43 oligomerization is finally out!
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June 2017

Poster JFS

The Joining Forces Symposium focused on Protein Aggregation in Health and Disease that Magda co-organized together with colleagues at the ETH Zurich was a big success! We were all there and enjoyed two days of fascinating talks and intense discussions.

Poster_JFS (PDF, 3368 KB)


May 2017

Julien May2017


Julien joins the lab! 


Julia goodbye party
At Julia’s goodbye party: postdocs against the youngest PolyLab member… :-)


April 2017


Celebrating Paper
Celebrating the acceptance of our paper on TDP-43 oligomerization!


Retreat Poly Muller
The PolyLab and the Mueller lab go for a retreat in Caprino, a small village on the southern shore of Lake Lugano.


January 2017

Target ALS


Our lab receives a Target ALS Consortium grant http://www.targetals.org to test the efficacy of anti-DPR immunotherapy for C9 ALS. 




Our lab receives SNF Sinergia grant! We are excited to team up with the groups of Ben Schuler, Fred Allain, GunnarJeschke and Paolo Paganetti to study the role of disordered regions in RNA-binding proteins for function and pathology. 



Larissa lunch defense


Congratulations to our first Master student Larissa for defending her thesis with flying colors! We are all proud of you for achieving a perfect 6.0!


December 2016

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays from the PolyLab !

Happy Holidays (PDF, 422 KB)


September 2015

New open access review on the role of small RNAs in human disease with colleagues from the Clinical Research Priority Programs is published.

July 2015

Congratulations Marian for receiving the Milton Safenowitz Post Doctoral Fellowship from ALSA.

New report supporting prion-like propagation events in ALS was just published from our collaborators at King’s college and UCSD. Read article here.

June 2015

Congratulations to Marian for receiving a Forschungskredit from University of Zurich. See here.

Larissa Gilhespy joins the lab as our first Master student.

May 2015

Evi presents our research at theEuropean ALS meeting in Dublin.

We welcome little Paulina to our lab-family and wish Julia lots of strength for her new role as a mother.

April 2015

Congratulations to Magda! She received a Research Grant from the Research Talent Development Fund (FAN) of the University of Zurich.

Magda receives the Georg-Friedrich-Götz Prize from the President of the University, Michael Hengartner. Read more on UZH News and on ZNZ Newsletter.

Vanessa Orlowski joins us to take over the Lab Manager responsibilities of Julia, who is going on her maternity leave in May.
Sarah Erni joins the lab as Lab technician.

March 2015

Congrats to Sonu for receiving a Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship for her PhD!

We are very excited that Magda will join the NCCR RNA & Disease as a Junior Principal Investigator!

February 2015

Read our new review on prion-like events in ALS here.

Januar 2015

Florent and Magda describe the current understanding of ALS pathogenesis here.

Congratulations to Marian! His project was funded by the Swiss Foundation for Research on Neuromuscular Disease!

Sonu Sahadevan M.K. joins the lab as PhD student.

December 2014

Congratulations to Tariq! His project was funded by the Novartis Research Foundation!

The lab trains 2 students from the RNA block course.

Magda goes to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory to present our research at the international meeting on "Neurodegenerative Disease: Biology & Therapeutics".

The Alzforum website highlights a new study on TDP-43 and asks Magda to comment on it. Read the story “TDP-43 Structure Reveals Two-Faced Amino End” here.

November 2014

Congratulations to Magda for winning the 2014 prize of Georg-Friedrich-Götz-Stiftung.

Tariq Afroz joins the team as a postdoctoral fellow.

October 2014

Watch Magda describe the mechanisms of ALS and FTD and our research at her Inaugural lecture at the Univerisity of Zurich .  

Congratulations to Evi for receiving a PhD Grant from the Neuroscience Center Zurich ZNZ.

September 2014

Magda presents our research at the Annual Symposium of the Neuroscience Center Zurich ZNZ .

The lab spends 2 days of interviewing RNA Biology PhD candidates. As a result Sonu Sahadevan Mala Kkoth will join the lab at the beginning of 2015.

We say Goodbye to Paulina.

August 2014

Marian Hruska-Plochan joins the team as a postdoctoral fellow.

July 2014

Magda gives a 6hr lecture at the Neuroscience School of Advanced Studies on Protein Spreading in Neurodegenerative Diseases .

Our first ERASMUS summer student, Paulina Cieslik joins the lab.

June 2014

Read about Florent’s project funded by ALSA on the Research ALS Today magazine here

May 2014

Congratulations to Florent Laferriere and Zuzanna Maniecka for receiving a Forschungskredit from University of Zurich!

Happy Birthday Magda!

April 2014

Lab Warming Party!

March 2014

The lab starts with teaching and welcomes 2 master students for 2 weeks for the neuroscience block course BIO328.

Magda gives keynote lecture at the Winter Brain Symposium in Engadin.

February 2014

The group now has 5 members and enjoys the first gathering of IMLS during the institute retreat.

The group moves into the new renovated lab.

Florent Laferriere joins the team as the first postdoctoral fellow.

January 2014

Eva-Maria Hock joins the lab as PhD student.

Julia Luedke starts working as the lab manager.

Magda receives a second affiliation with the Medical Faculty of the University of Zurich.

December 2013

Magda presents at the Hellenic Society of Immunology as an invited speaker.

November 2013

Zuzanna Maniecka joins the lab as the first PhD student.

Construction work for the new lab starts.

September 2013

Magda starts working at the Institute of Molecular Life Sciences as SNFS Assistant Professor.