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FTP Clients

Recommended programs for transfering files:

Total Commander (Win)Cyber Duck (Mac)

File Upload/Exchange


The Center for IT Services (Informatikdienste) offers a service for the web based exchange of large files between internal and external collaborators. See here for a description of the service and instructions on usage (currently in German, only) or go directly to the dropfiles web page:

The dropfiles service requires your UZH short name and the "WebPass" service password for authentication.

File transfer via FTP

The Institute provides a File Transfer service using the FTP protocol (File Transfer Protocol). This service is useful for external collaborators and Institute members working externally. Using the FTP-Server you can bypass the 5 MB limit for a mail attachment on the mail server and upload large files. The IMB IT staff forwards the file to the designated recipient of the file (see note below).

You can upload your files in the following directory on the FTP-server:

In order to upload files, please read the detailed instructions. The incoming directory will show no contents even after a successful upload since there are no read permissions for anonymous users.

After the upload is finished, send an email to the webmaster (imlsweb at with a notification, indicating the recipient of the file(s) and a description (no. of files, filenames). Uploaded files without description and/or notification of the webmaster will be deleted after 14 days.