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Suomalainen et al., J. Cell Biol. 144 (4): 657-672

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Fig. 5.     Time lapse fluorescence microscopy of wt Ad2 labeled with Texas red demonstrating that fast minus end-directed transport dominates over plus end-directed transport in TC7/MAP4/MTB-GFP cells.  104 frames of TR-Ad2 were recorded with intervals of 1.3 s starting 30 min p.i. (time stamp displaying minutes:seconds.centi-seconds).  A GFP image is shown in the beginning.  Bar = 10 µm

Fig. 6.       Fast minus and plus end-directed transport of endosomal ts1 virus labeled with Texas red.  Virus was added to TC7/MAP4/MTB-GFP cells and 72 TR-images were recorded with intervals of 1.5 s starting 20 min p.i..  The GFP signal is indicated at the beginning.  Bar = 10 µm.

Fig. 7.   Rapid switching between minus- and plus end-directed motions of wt Ad2 (bars = 5 µm)
A: No drug-treated TC7/MAP4/MTB-GFP cells (64 frames at 1.2 s intervals).
B: Taxol-treated cells (64 frames at 2.6 s intervals).
C: Cells re-establishing their MTs after nocodazole wash out (41 frames at 1.8 s intervals).

Fig. 9.   Nuclear transport of wt Ad2 in control HeLa cells ( panel Aa , 43 frames at 2.6 s intervals) and periphery-directed transport in HeLa cells overexpressing dynamitin ( panel Ab , 37 frames at 2.1 s intervals).  Nondirectional movements of Ad2 in nocodazole-treated HeLa cells ( panel Ac , 246 frames at 1.5 s intervals) and of virus at the cell surface ( panel Ad , 97 frames at 2.6 s intervals).  Bar equals 5 µm.
Fig. 9Aa
Fig. 9Ab
Fig. 9Ac
Fig. 9Ad