Open Positions

OPEN: Master student project(s)

  • Our research group offers several Master Student positions. We are part of the following Master programs in Biology: Genetics and Developmental Biology.
  • A main goal of our research is to understand how different sex determining strategies evolved in insects and why they are so diverse. The common housefly Musca domestica offers an ideal model to investigate this diversity as different sex determining mechanisms exist in natural populations.
  • Project topics include studying the molecular functions of candidate genes in this pathway using state-of-the-art technologies (CRISPR; RNAi, transgenesis) and identifying novel pathway components using bioinformatic tools for screening genomic and transcriptomic data sets.
  • If you are interested please come and visit Daniel Bopp in his office Y11-J-66.

Further information can be found here (PDF, 289 KB):

Master project