Viruses are outstanding tools to break new grounds in cell biology and disease mechanisms. Over the past years, we have investigated the cell biology and biochemistry of adenovirus, covering receptor binding, endocytosis, cytoplasmic transport and nuclear import. We have developed fluorophore labeling techniques to visualize viral particles by live cell fluorescence microscopy and combined it with quantitative imaging in both static and dynamic modes. This approach is now widely used for many other pathogens in the cell biology and virology communities. It has allowed us to uncover how incoming adenoviruses activate target cells to speed up their release from endosomes to the cytosol and enhance their cytoplasmic transport on microtubules to the nucleus. With this strategy, the viruses gain edge over the powerful innate and adaptive immunresponses of the host. By our studies, we hope to unlock further secrets of cell function and provide cues to engineer particles that are targeted to specific cellular compartments, with broad applications in basic research and biotechnology.     

The following research topics are under investigation: