Plasma membrane dynamics

Christoph Burckhardt

Here we are using single molecule techniques to characterize receptor-mediated diffusion processes of fluorescent viruses on the surface of human cells. Our single particle tracking analyses reveal three patterns of viral locomotions, unilinear motilities, random walk and restricted sub-brownian motions in confined areas. We are working towards untangling the molecular nature of these motilities.

Image1: Fluorescent adenovirus particles at the surface of human cells.

Key publication:

Suomalainen, M., Nakano, M.Y., Boucke, K., Keller, S., Stidwill, R.P., and Greber, U.F. (1999). Microtubule-dependent minus and plus end-directed motilities are competing processes for nuclear targeting of adenovirus. J. Cell Biol. 144, 657-672.     pubmed   (PDF, 2253 KB)