Prof. Dr. Alex Hajnal

Five key publications

Fröhli Hoier, E., Mohler, W.A., Kim, S.K. and Hajnal, A. The C. elegans APC-related gene apr-1 is required for epithelial cell migration and Hox gene expression. Genes & Development, 14: 874-886 (2000).

Berset, T., Fröhli Hoier, E., Battu, G., Canevascini, S. and Hajnal, A. NOTCH inhibiting RAS signaling during C. elegans vulval development by inducing MAP kinase phosphatase LIP-1. Science, 291: 1055-1058 (2001).

Hajnal, A., Berset, T. The C. elegans MAPK phosphatase LIP-1 is required for the G(2)/M meiotic arrest of developing oocytes. EMBO J., 21: 4317-4326 (2002).

Battu G., Fröhli Hoier E., Hajnal A. The C. elegans G-protein-coupled receptor SRA-13 inhibits RAS/MAPK signalling during olfaction and vulval development. Development, 130:2567-77 (2003).

Dutt, A., Canevascini, S., Froehli-Hoier, E. and Hajnal, A. EGF Signal Propagation during C. elegans Vulval Development Mediated by ROM-1 Rhomboid. PlosBiology, 11, 334 (2004).