Prof. Dr. Christian Lehner

Six key publications

Edgar, B. and Lehner, C.F. (1996) Developmental control of cell cycle regulators: a fly perspective. Science 274, 1646-1652.

Sigrist, S. and Lehner, C.F. (1997) Drosophila fizzy-related down-regulates mitotic cyclins and is required for cell proliferation arrest and entry into endocycles. Cell 90, 671-681.

Meyer, C.A., Kramer, I., Dittrich, R., Marzodko, S., Emmerich, J. and Lehner C.F. (2002) Drosophila p27Dacapo expression during embryogenesis is controlled by a complex regulatory region independent of cell cycle progression. Development 129, 319-328.

Schittenhelm, R.B., Heeger, S., Althoff, F., Walter, A., Heidmann, S., Mechtler, K. and Lehner, C.F. (2007) Spatial organization of a ubiquitous eukaryotic kinetochore protein network in Drosophila chromosomes. Chromosoma 116(4):385-402.

Raychaudhuri, N., Dubruille, R., Orsi, G.A., Bagheri, H.C., Loppin, B., Lehner, C.F. (2012) Transgenerational propagation and quantitative maintenance of paternal centromeres depends on Cid/Cenp-A presence in Drosophila sperm. PLoS Biol. 10(12):e1001434.

Blattner, A.C., Chaurasia, S., McKee, B.D., Lehner, C.F. (2016) Separase Is Required for Homolog and Sister Disjunction during Drosophila melanogaster Male Meiosis, but Not for Biorientation of Sister Centromeres. PLoS Genet. 2016 Apr 27;12(4):e1005996