Assessment of Zebrafish Behavior


Our laboratory has a long tradition of developing behavioral assays of visual behaviors. These include automated version of the optokinetic reflex, well suited to assess visual performance of zebrafish larvae in a “fish theatre”.

Other established assays are automated operant choice discrimination set-ups to assess cognitive functions, such as color discrimination and memory.

Finally we regularly use commercial and custom developed tracking assays to study among others motor coordination and social behavior. 


People involved:

Prof. Stephan Neuhauss


Selected publications:

Mueller KP, Neuhauss SC* (2012) Automated Visual Choice Discrimination Learning in Zebrafish (Danio rerio). Journal of Integrative Neuroscience 11(1), 73-85


Mueller KP, Schnaedelbach OD, Russig HD, Neuhauss SC (2011) VisioTracker, an Innovative Automated Approach to Oculomotor Analysis. J Vis Exp. 56. pii: 3556


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