Prof. Dr. Stephan Neuhauss

Five key publications

Rinner, O, Makhankov, YM, Biehlmaier, O, Neuhauss, SCF (2005). Knockdown of Cone-Specific Kinase GRK7 in Larval Zebrafish Leads to Impaired Cone Response Recovery and Delayed Dark Adaptation. Neuron 47, 231-242

Schonthaler, HB, Lampert, JM, von Lintig, J, Schwarz, H, Geisler, R, Neuhauss, SCF (2005). A mutation in the pmel17 gene leads to defects in melanosome biogenesis and alterations the visual system in the zebrafish mutant fading vision. Developmental Biology 284, 231-242

Rinner, O, Rick, JM, Neuhauss, SCF (2005). Contrast Sensitivity, Spatial and Temporal Tuning of the Larval Zebrafish Optokinetic Response. Investigative Optical and Visual Sciences 46, 137-142

Neuhauss, S.C.F. (2003). Behavioral Genetic Approaches to Visual System Development in Zebrafish, Journal of Neurobiology 54, 148-160

Neuhauss, S. C. F., Biehlmaier, O., Seeliger, M. W., Das, T., Kohler, K., Harris, W. A., and Baier, H. (1999). Genetic disorders of vision revealed by a behavioral screen of 400 essential loci in zebrafish. Journal of Neuroscience 19, 8603-8615.