October 2018

A warm welcome to our new Team-members!


Maria Andreea Dimitriu, External Master Student in the Neuhauss Lab



Ashwini Kedari, External Master Student in the Bachmann Lab 



Irmak Cabas, External Master Student in the Bachmann Lab



Nadja Greter, Internship Student in the Bachmann Lab 


September 2018

Welcome Dilara



Let’s welcome our latest addition to our team. Dilara Yilmaz started in our group in September 2018. She came with a BSc degree of Bilkent University and Master of Science in Regenerative Biology and Medicine from TU Dresden. She has already ample experience with zebrafish and is now eager to understand glutamate signaling in the central nervous system.

Welcome Sabina Steiner


Starting in Sommer 2018, Sabina Steiner, will care for the administrative needs of our group. She has not lost her smile after being confronted by the multiple needs of four professors, spanning everything from personnel administration, finances and teaching related work. Keep on smiling, we are very happy to have you on board.

new Paper out

The latest paper in our series combing phylogenetics with a detailed in situ expression histological analysis. Marion’s recent paper focused on protein kinase C variants in the brain. These central signaling molecules are well conserved among vertebrates and Marion provides an unprecedented detailed expression profile over the whole developing brain. Read more and enjoy the beautiful in situ hybridization images in the Journal of Comparative Neurology.


A brief commentary on a beautiful paper from the Baden lab, published in Current Biology, showing that the larval zebrafish retina is structurally optimized to match the visual ecology of their habitat. Enjoy the LSD inspired figure designed by Matthias.

Goodbye Irene



After more than ten years of managing our group Irene Hofmann is leaving the institute to work in Lucerne. She was our most skilled pilot in all administrative issues, helping us to navigate the labyrinth of university administration and always with a rescue plan, when we got stranded. We will miss you dearly and wish you a great start in Lucerne.

August 2018



Michele Hari is our most recent proud graduate from our Master in Neuroscience Program. We will miss her laugh during lunch time, exercising and partying together and so much more. All the best with starting the next career step.


Farewell André


André Lehnherr, another long time student of us is leaving to bring narcoleptics with a novel mode of action to market. He will start as Medical Science Liaison at Recordati. With André we lose not only a brilliant experimentalist, but also one of the pillars of our lab’s social life. We will miss also his fantastic home brews that easily rank among the best craft beers available anywhere.


July 2018


Bye Bye Steffi...


It is time for Stephanie Niklaus to move on. After doing her Master thesis and her PhD with us, Steffi was snatch up by Roche Pharmaceuticals. This is a loss for academia, but we are proud that she will bring her expertise in zebrafish genetics and visual diagnostics to the pharmaceutical industry. Our team will lose on the most active members and we will struggle to replace your expertise of basically all we do in the lab. The lab will feel different without you and your treats from Graubünden. We wish you all the best for your next challenge and hope that we both can help to bridge the industrial/academic divide.


UZH Forschungskredit


Congratulations to Adriana Hotz. Her proposal to use a zebrafish mutant to model epilepsy was awarded the prestigious CandDoc Forschungskredit Award of the University.



Anja Enz recently graduated with her Master’s degree and will start as a junior consultant at Kelly Services soon. Congratulations and all the best for her future endeavors. We will miss one of our most avid sports companions.

May 2018

byebye sanne

Sanne spend six months in the lab to be trained in electroretinography and other fishy business. She is now back in Nijmegen at Radboud University. We will miss you Sanne - it was a pleasure to have you with us! This half a year went way too fast...

January 2018

Children University-Sunburn and fish

There is a nice article ( in german ) about the childern University in the Tagesanzeiger.

Prof. Dr. Stephan Neuhauss is this year again a lecturer at children University. One of his topics: Can fish get a sunburn?

December 2017

Congratulations Dr. André Lehnherr

andre defense

Congratulations to André, after finishing his final PhD exam with flying colors. The event was celebrated in style, lubricated by his other biological interest, namely taming yeast to produce a  number of excellent home brews.

All the best for your future, your Neuhauss-team


July 2017

Stephan Neuhauss the new Vice-Dean for Research and Planning


Congratulations (or Condolences) to Stephan for being elected to become Vice-Dean for Research and Planning of the Faculty of Science, beginning in August 2017.

Good luck and may you make more new friends than enemies.

Congratulations to Stephanie (Steffi) Niklaus

defense steffi


Steffi defended her thesis with flying colors, leaving her committee speechless.

All the best of fun for the well-deserved extend trip around the world.


We are happy that you will not leave us yet and will come back to finish and write even more papers.

Proud "Doktorvater" and your team

Latest Publications


Fish Larvae on Cocaine

Steffi just published the curious finding that cocaine accumulation in the zebrafish eye leads to an increased response of the retina to light. This may be related to changes in light adaptation connected to dopamine signaling. Find the open access link to this single observation see open access at:

steffi cocaine paper

Cocaine Accumulation in Zebrafish Eyes Leads to Augmented Amplitudes in the Electroretinogram


Glutamate Transport at the Photoreceptor Synapse Shape Neurotransmission

With perfect timing just before the submission of her thesis, Steffi, Lucia and friends got the long awaited EAAT2 story published. These two paralogs of glutamate transporters represent prime example of subfunctionalization of an ancient gene function. They found that glial-expressed EAAT2a is the main glutamate sink at the cone photoreceptor synapse. EAAT2b in turn is expressed on cone photoreceptors, sporting a large anion leak current, effectively clamping the photoreceptor resting potential. Read the paper for free clicking the link below. 

eaat 2 steffi

Shaping of Signal Transmission at the Photoreceptor Synapse by EAAT2 Glutamate Transporters.

Niklaus S, Cadetti L, Vom Berg-Maurer CM, Lehnherr A, Hotz AL, Forster IC, Gesemann M, Neuhauss SCF.


Evolutionary Conservation in the Vertebrate Kidney

Our former PhD student Yuya Sugano published yet another paper from our fruitful collaboration with the Loffing lab from the Institute of Anatomy. In this paper he shows that gene expression is conserved between the mammalian distal convoluted tubule and the zebrafish distal late segment. Interestingly some genes enriched in the mouse are not found to be enriched in the zebrafish. Instead, related homologous genes from the fish are enriched, likely fulfilling a similar function.

yuya paper

Comparative transcriptomic analysis identifies evolutionarily conserved gene products in the vertebrate renal distal convoluted tubule.

Sugano Y, Cianciolo Cosentino C, Loffing-Cueni D, Neuhauss SCF, Loffing J.

Pflugers Arch. 2017 Jun 27. doi: 10.1007/s00424-017-2009-8

June 2018

Congratulations Dr. Irene Ojeda Naharros



Congratulations to Irene Ojeda Naharros, our newly minted

Triple digits of hours tracking fluorescent particles in photoreceptor cells have paid off.

All the best of luck for your postdoc and your growing family!

Congratulations to Selin Ozgur



Selin finished her Master in Genetics this May working on camta1 mutants. We will miss your ready smile and your comedian’s talent that made our lunch breaks. All the best for your graduate school applications. 

May 2017

New webpage for the group of Ruxandra Bachmann

Congratulations Ruxandra Bachmann!!!



We are proud and happy to report that Ruxandra got awarded the very prestigious SNF Förderprofessorship of the Swiss National Science Foundation. From this fall on she will be an independent assistant professor at the Institute of Molecular Genetics. Luckily she will continue to be associated with us via her fish work. Incidentally I started my academic career with the same professorship. Congratulations and all the best for starting your completely independent research team. 




Congratulation Dr. Stella Glasauer


Proud „Doktorvater“ with Stella Glasauer at the graduation ceremony in October 2016

It's over - 2nd European Meeting on Phototransduction


The 2nd European Meeting on Phototransduction which took place in September 2016 on the beautiful Monte Verita in Ascona was a full success. The 50 participants from 12 different countries presented and discussed photoransduction in all its depth from biophysical properties to evolution and diseases. 


Yuya Sugano: best thesis prize- Swiss society for anatomy



Yuya Sugano was awarded the best thesis prize at the annual meeting of the Swiss society for anatomy. Congratulations to this well-deserved honor.


Some part of the thesis is published in Kidney Int. 2015 Nov;88(5):1047-56 (Sugano et al;  The Rho-GTPase binding protein IQGAP2 is required for the glomerular filtration barrier) 

2nd European Meeting on Phototransduction



2nd European meeting on Phototransduction from September 04 - 07, 2016 to be held at the Conference Centre Monte Verita in Switzerland


Stephan Neuhauss
Karl-Wilhelm Koch

Stella Glasauer

 cover Journal of Comparative Neurology Vol.524 / No.12



new paper out

mglur6b:EGFP Transgenic zebrafish suggest novel functions of metabotropic glutamate signaling in retina and other brain regions


full article:

ncbi database:





The Neuhauss Lab on TV

SRF Einstein Episode from 21.04.2011 about Zebrafish science in Zurich.