Prof. Dr. Esther Stoeckli

Five key publications

BOURIKAS, D., PEKARIK, V., BAERISWYL, T., GRUNDITZ, A., SADHU, R., NARDO, M., AND STOECKLI, E.T. (2005). Sonic hedgehog guides commissural axons along the longitudinal axis of the spinal cord. Nature Neurosci 8, 297 - 304.

PEKARIK, V., BOURIKAS, D., MIGLINO, N., JOSET, P., PREISWERK, S., AND STOECKLI, E.T. (2003). Screening for gene function in chicken embryo using RNAi and electroporation. Nature Biotechnol 21, 93-96.

PERRIN, F.E., RATHJEN, F.G., AND STOECKLI, E.T. (2001). Distinct subpopulations of sensory afferents require F11 or axonin-1 for growth to their target layers within the spinal cord of the chick. Neuron 30, 707-723.

STOECKLI, E.T., SONDEREGGER, P., POLLERBERG, G.E., LANDMESSER, L.T. (1997). Interference with axonin-1 and NrCAM interactions unmasks a floor plate activity inhibitory for commissural axons. Neuron 18, 209-221.

STOECKLI, E.T., AND LANDMESSER, L.T. (1995). Axonin-1, NrCAM, and NgCAM play different roles in the in vivo guidance of chick commissural neurons. Neuron 14, 1165-1179.