Websites of interest

Web interface for using our R toolbox CrispRVariants (Lindsay et al., 2016; Burger et al., 2016) for sequence analysis of mutagenesis events. Provides panel plot outputs and user customization.

Life Science Zürich Graduate School


Tol2 Kit Wiki

AddGene links to relevant plasmids

AddGene is a nonprofit global plasmid repository that archives and distributes plasmids for scientists. We deposit all key plasmids of our work to facilitate distribution in the community. Please check AddGene first before sending us a plasmid request.

Cas9-EGFP and Cas9-mCherry vectors for protein production from Burger et al., (Development, 2016); courtesy of the Jinek Lab (Bioc, UZH)

Basic phiC31 transgenesis vectors

ubiquitin (ubi/ubb) promoter and basic CreERT2/loxP vectors from Mosimann et al. (Development, 2011)

Blog posts, interviews, etc.

A Matter of Networks - interview with Katja Rost and Christian Mosimann on international mobility in academia (the Swiss view)

Zebrafish transgenes go ubiquitous - guest post by Christian Mosimann for The Node

Sweet Swiss...Zebrafish?! - guest post by visiting student Monika Tomecka for The Node

Zürich to Dresden and back: of small fish and big data - guest post by Karin Prummel for The Node

Sweetening with a pinch of salt - guest post by Alexa Burger for The Node




Depth profile of the anterior lateral mesoderm cell types.