Open Positions

OPEN: Master student project(s)

  • We are currently looking to fill several Master Student positions
    (no fast-track), flexible starting date. We are part of the following Master programs in Biology: Molecular And Cellular Biology; Developmental Biology.
  • The projects will tackle the characterization of novel transgenic and mutant zebrafish strains we recently developed in the lab. Of particular focus are transgenic lines and CRISPR-Cas9-generated mutant strains that we will investigate using fluorescence microscopy, genetic lineage tracing, and injection experiments.
  • Project topics are focused on early mesoderm patterning, cardiovascular cell fates, congenital heart diseases, and early mesodermal cancer formation..
  • Interested students should contact Christian via e-mail (please attach CV).

PhD Positions

We have an open PhD student position to pursue one of several exciting projects in the lab.

  • We exclusively recruit PhD students through the Molecular Life Sciences and the Cancer Biology programs of the Life Science Zurich Graduate School Zurich.
  • Interested students who are eligible to apply to the PhD program (or have already been accepted for interviews) are encouraged to contact Christian via e-mail (please attach letter of motivation and CV).

Postdoc positions (currently no funded open positions)

  • Interested candidates are nonetheless encouraged to contact Christian via e-mail to discuss possible funding schemes or project ideas (please attach letter of motivation, CV, and possible references).