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Aug 2006

Hansruedi Büeler (START fellow) - Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration and Gene Therapy for Parkinson's Disease

Aug 2004
Richard Eckner (START fellow) - Epigenetic Control of Transcription, Growth and Development by p300 and CBP
Dec. 2002
Prof. Martin Billeter - Measles virus replication, pathogenesis, and use as a vector
Oct. 2002
Hussein Naim - Molecular biology of measles virus and use as a vector
Mar. 2002
Alcide Barberis - Mechanisms of gene activation in eukaryotes
Jan. 2000 
Prof. Hans Weber - Replication of RNA phages
Feb. 1999 
Prof. Charles Weissmann - Molecular Biology of Prion Diseases (London, UK)
Feb. 1999 
Roberto Cattaneo - Towards therapeutic viruses (Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA)
Aug. 1998 
Jürgen Götz - In vivo models of Alzheimer's Disease (PUK, University Zuerich)

Previous Postdocs

March 2000 
Christian Dahmann, now at MPI Dresden, previously with K. Basler

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