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Department of Molecular Life Sciences

Technology and Resource Development



The Zurich ORFeome Project is dedicated to the generation and distribution of well-characterized transgenic Drosophila melanogaster UAS-ORF lines. We have an expanding stock collection generated using the ΦC31 integrase method.

FlyORF also offers a Drosophila injection service.


Improving Single cell RNA Sequencing (scRNA-seq) technologies

Single cell RNA Sequencing (scRNA-seq) technologies are revealing previously unknown interactions between cells during development, homeostasis and disease. A major problem with current scRNA-seq approaches remains the determination of cell-type identities based on the presence of absence of markers in their transcriptomic profiles (endogenous or ectopic). This arises because in a scRNA-seq analysis only a subset of the expressed genes of a single cell are detected. For the majority of the expressed genes no data is collected, which is referred to as "dropout". The dropout rates for lowly-expressed, cell-specific markers are sometimes especially high, making the "data-set to cell-type"-assignment extremely difficult. To overcome this challenge, we are establishing a method for the selective "on-bead" capture of relevant cell type marker mRNAs.  Method development is performed in close collaboration with the laboratories of Robert Zinzen (BIMSB-MDC; Berlin) and Andreas Moor (IMCR, Zürich).