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Department of Molecular Life Sciences

Claudia Brunner

Claudia Brunner

Lab Manager

Claudia Brunner

Office Y11-J-70

Tel +41 44 635 48 65



Claudia was born in Weiden, Germany. She graduated as a Medical Technician in Regensburg, Germany. After a few years in Munich working as a Research Assistant at the TU ( Experimental Surgery ) she decided to move to Zurich.
Here she joined the laboratory of Prof.Vetter the University Hospital of Zürich where she gathered a lot of experience in cell biology.
After a break traveling in Asia, she started at MLS, formerly the Zoological Institute, in the lab of Prof. Rolf Nöthiger. Here she learned many new techniques in the field of Molecular Biology and Genetics, while at the same time preparing for and assisting in student courses.
During this time, she did a one year “sabbatical” in the Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology of Prof. P. Gergen, State University at Stony Brook New York, USA.
After her return she worked again in Prof. Nöthiger`s lab until his retirement in 2000.
Since then she has been working with Musca domestica ( common housefly ), first with Prof. Andreas Dübendorfer and now for more than ten years with Dr. Daniel Bopp.
In addition to labwork and running the lab, she also educates Biology Technician apprentices ( Lehrmeister ) and students.
Her passion is to travel!





Sharma, Akash; Heinze, Svenia D; Wu, Yanli; Kohlbrenner, Tea; Morilla, Ian; Brunner, Claudia; Wimmer, Ernst A; van de Zande, Louis; Robinson, Mark D; Beukeboom, Leo W; Bopp, Daniel (2017). Male sex in houseflies is determined byMdmd, a paralog of the generic splice factor geneCWC22. Science, 356(6338):642-645.


Meise, M; Hilfiker-Kleiner, D; Dübendorfer, A; Brunner, C; Nöthiger, R; Bopp, D (1998). Sex-lethal, the master sex-determining gene in Drosophila, is not sex-specifically regulated in Musca domestica. Development, 125(8):1487-1494.