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Department of Molecular Life Sciences

Grégory Paul

Grégory Paul

Research Associate

Dr. Grégory Paul

Office Y55-K-44A

Tel +41 44 635 31 66


Short Bio

Grégory is a French citizen born in Marseille who studied in France until he completed his PhD in 2008 in Paris, in the lab of Dr. François Taddei and Prof. Dr. Miroslav Radman. He joined Professor Damian's group in April 2020 as a senior research associate. Before, he was leading the "BEAM, BioimagE Analysis and Modelling" team in the medical imaging group led by Prof. em. Gábor Székely belonging to the computer vision lab at ETH Zürich.
He combines his graduate training in biology and his genuine interest in applied mathematics and computational sciences to solve challenging real-world problems.

His main contributions are applied to problems in biology taking place at different scales, such as evolution by natural selection, ageing, intracellular transports etc.

His main interest is to develop a sound mathematical and an efficient computational framework for image-derived quantitative models, drawing from stochastic processes, statistics, machine learning, variational models, optimisation and computational geometry/topology.



On the biology front:

  •     Cytoskeleton dynamics, microtubule/actomyosin
  •     Dynamics of cellular processes
  •     Phenotypic variability
  •     Ageing
  •     Multiscale dynamics from subcellular compartments to tissue morphogenesis

On the theoretical and computational front:

  •     Quantitative microscopy & image modelling
  •     Theoretical & computational modelling (stochastic, deterministic and hybrid)
  •     Optimisation & variational modelling
  •     Computer vision, image processing
  •     Statistics & data analysis
  •     Machine learning & Deep learning (CNNs)
  •     Applied geometry and topology


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