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Department of Molecular Life Sciences

Tim Weber

Tim Weber

PhD Student

Tim Weber

Office Y55-K-34

Tel +41 44 635 31 63


Tim Weber, AMRBS, comes from Slovenia where he completed his secondary education. He received a Bachelor's degree with First Class Honours from the University of Westminster, for which he was awarded a Zois scholarship and a UoW scholarship. During his undergraduate degree, he focused on molecular-based conservation biology, writing his thesis on the appearance of Mnemiopsis leidyi in the northern Adriatic. He also collaborated with the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism and Rudjer Boskovic institute through a Genetics society grant, Erasmus+ grant and Distant horizons grant. His work there focused on characterising several different native and alien plant and animal species in the region. He obtained a Master's of Research from Imperial College London on Systems and Synthetic Biology, for which he was awarded an AdFutura scholarship. His master thesis titled Exploration of the gut microbiome, under the mentorship of Dr David Riglar and Prof. Dr Paul Freemont looked at possible ways of designing a high throughput system for discovering bioreceptors for gut diseases and ways of visualising specific phenotypic behaviours in-situ through SABER FISH. Tim joined the Brunner lab in October 2020 to explore particular behavioural characteristics of Schizosaccharomyces pombe.

Tim spent over 6 years volunteering in organisations promoting youth civic engagement and youth commitment to personal development. He sat on the curriculum committee of the Royal Society of Biology, which he is an associate member of. Tim also actively participates in VTIS a Slovene Society for Academia Abroad. He was awarded a silver iGem medal for his groups' project (2019), an Oxford University press award for achievements in biosciences (2019), and an outstanding student prize (2020).


Weber, T.; Jakše, J.; Sladonja, B.; Hruševar, D.; Landeka, N.; Brana, S.; Bohanec, B.; Milović, M.; Vladović, D.; Mitić, B.; Poljuha, D. Molecular Study of Selected Taxonomically Critical Taxa of the Genus Iris L. from the Broader Alpine-Dinaric Area. Plants 2020, 9, 1229.doi: 10.3390/plants9091229

Poljuha D, Mitić B, Weber T, Hruševar D. Taxa of the genus Iris. Topic review. Encyclopedia - the Scholarly Community Encyclopedia (ISSN 2309-3366). Published online on 13th October, 2020. Available hier

Poljuha D, Kralj I, Krapac M, Klepo T, Radunić M, Strikić F, Weber T, Ercisli S, Baruca Arbeiter A, Hladnik M,  Bandelj D. Analysis of genetic diversity in Croatian fig (Ficus carica L.) germplasm using SSR markers. Acta Horticulturae, in press

Orhan E, Eyduran SP, Poljuha D, Akin M, Weber T, Ercisli S. Genetic diversity detection of seed propagated walnut (Juglans regia L.) germplasm from Eastern Anatolia using SSR markers. Folia Horticulturae, 2020, (32),1. doi: 10.2478/fhort-2020-0004

Akin M, Poljuha D, Eyduran SP, Weber T, Ercisli S.  Molecular characterization of fig (Ficus carica) germplasm from Northeastern Black Sea Region. Genetika, 2020, (52), 2, 411-420. doi: 10.2298/GENSR2002411A

Weber T, Jakše J, Sladonja B, Landeka N, Brana S, Vladović D, Milović M, Hruševar D, Mitić B, Poljuha D. Molecular study of several taxa of the genus Iris L. based on SSR markers and chloroplast DNA barcodes – phylogenetic implications. Book of Abstracts of the 5th Global Congress on Plant Biology and Biotechnology, Valencia, Spain (Virtual Event), 22-23 March 2021, Magnus Group Conferences, pp 25-26.

Poljuha D, Sladonja B, Weber T, Vukelja T. Ahead of their time: Women pioneers in plant biology. Book of Abstracts of the 5th Global Congress on Plant Biology and Biotechnology, Valencia, Spain (Virtual Event), 22-23 March 2021, pp 36-37.

Poljuha D, Sladonja B, Weber T, Landeka N, Brana S, Vladović D, Milović M, Hruševar D, Mitić B. (2019) SSR genotpying of endemic Croatian dwarf species Iris adriatica Trinajstić ex Mitić (Iridaceae). Sixth Croatian Botanical Symposium with International Participation, Zagreb, Book of Abstracts. Jasprica N, Car A (Eds). Zagreb, Croatian Botanical Society, 2019, p 59. doi: 10.13140/RG.2.2.20029.61925

Poljuha D, Uzelac M, Weber T, Sladonja B. (2019) Citizen Science in Croatia: "Where did the Sea Urchins Dissapear?" Campaign Case Study. Proceedings of First International Biological, Agricultural and Life Science Congress, Lviv, Ukraine. Trakya University Publisher, 2019, p 136.

Poljuha D, Franić M, Kralj I, Weber T, Šatović Z, Ban D, Toth N, Dumičić G, Kereša S, Cunha CP, Goreta Ban S. Genetic diversity and structure analysis of Croatian garlic collection assessed by SSR markers. Folia Horticulturae, accepted for publication

Trobec A*, Vrabec K*, Weber T*, Starbek P, Starčič Erjavec M. The ability of the probiotic strain E.coli Nissle 1917 to accept F’kan, pRK100 and R100 plasmids via conjugation. Srečanje mladih raziskovalcev Slovenije, Murska Sobota, Slovenia, April 2015. *Joint first authors,± Unofficial translations

Krapac M, Goreta Ban S, Poljuha D, Brkic Bubola K, Prgomet I, Weber T, Palcic I. Co-editor of The ISHS VI International Symposium on Fig, 2019, Rovinj, Croatia

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