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Department of Molecular Life Sciences

Cataglyphis POL-neurons

Due to the difficulty of recording from ant brains, the POL-neurons of the desert ant Cataglyphis bicolor have not been studied in detail so far. Like crickets POL-neurons, they exhibit polarization opponency and wide visual fields. However, the ant's POL-neurons receive input from the UV-receptors of the POL-area.

Although some basic properties seem to be common to both cricket and ant POL-neurons, differences in the optics and the a arrangement of the dorsal rim ommatidia suggest that these neurons sample the polarization pattern in different ways.

For more information see reference:
Labhart, T. (2000) Polarization-sensitive interneurons in the optic lobe of the desert ant Cataglyphis bicolor. Naturwissenschaften 87, 133-136.

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