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Cricket POL-neurons

2) POL-neurons in the central complex:

Using intracellular recording and marking we have found neurons exhibiting the response profiles of compass neurons as proposed by our neural model (see Models and robots / Neural model of compass neurons). These neurons are activated by certain e-vector orientations only and otherwise remain silent (Fig. 7). Unlike the POL-neurons in the optic lobe, no particular e-vector types can be recognized but each neuron seems to represent a certain body orientation relative to the celestial polarization pattern. We propose that body orientation is population-coded by these compass neuron-like cells (publication in preparation; for abstract see below).

For more information see reference:
Sakura M, Labhart T (2005) Polarization-sensitive neurons in the central complex of the cricket, Grylus bimaculatus. Neuroforum 2005 Suppl. 154B

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