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Department of Molecular Life Sciences

Dr. Stefan Luschnig

Six key publications
Förster, D., and Luschnig, S. (2012). Src42A-dependent polarized cell shape changes mediate epithelial tube elongation in Drosophila. Nature Cell Biology, 14(5): 526-34.
Armbruster, K., and Luschnig, S. (2012). The Drosophila Sec7 domain guanine nucleotide exchange factor protein Gartenzwerg localizes at the cis-Golgi and is essential for epithelial tube expansion. Journal of Cell Science, 125(Pt 5), 1318–1328.
Förster, D., Armbruster, K., and Luschnig, S. (2010). Sec24-dependent secretion drives cell-autonomous expansion of tracheal tubes in Drosophila. Current Biology 20(1): 62-68.
Luschnig, S., Bätz, T., Armbruster, K., and Krasnow, M.A (2006). serpentine and vermiform encode matrix proteins with chitin binding and deacetylation domains that limit tracheal tube length in Drosophila. Current Biology 16(2):186-94.
Gerber, A.P., Luschnig, S., Krasnow, M.A., Brown, P.O., and Herschlag, D. (2006). Genome-wide identification of mRNAs associated with the translational regulator PUMILIO in Drosophila melanogaster. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 103(12): 4487–4492.
Luschnig, S., Moussian, B., Krauss, J., Desjeux, I., Perkovic, J., and Nüsslein-Volhard, C. (2004). An F1 genetic screen for maternal-effect mutations affecting embryonic pattern formation in Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics 167(1): 325-42.
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