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Department of Molecular Life Sciences


C. elegans Seminars

Hengartner Group Meetings
Wednesday10h15 Y55L12

Zurich Joint Worm Meetings
Thursday 15h00 Y55L12

Developmental Biology Research Reports - BIO614
Friday 12h30Y55-L-06
List of Lectures

External Seminar Series

Lecture Series in Molecular Life Sciences
Tuesday 12h30 Y35-F-32 List of Lectures

Seminar Serie DNS Schäden, DNA Reparatur und Krebs
Monday 17h00 Y17M05

Daily events at the University of Zurich

More information about all daily events and seminars at the University of Zurich can be found in unipublic, the online magazine of the Universtiy, and the calendar of events of the ETH Zurich.

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