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Department of Molecular Life Sciences

Publications Markus Noll

Minocha, S., Boll, W., and Noll, M. (2017).  Crucial roles of Pox neuro in the developing ellipsoid body and antennal lobes of the Drosophila brain.  PloS ONE 12, e0176002.

Minocha et al., 2017 with Supplement, Figures and Tables (PDF, 97 MB)

Glassford, W.J., Johnson, W.C., Dall, N.R., Smith, S.J., Liu, Y., Boll, W., Noll, M., and Rebeiz, M. (2015).  Co-option of an ancestral Hox-regulated network underlies a recently evolved morphological novelty.  Dev. Cell 34,  520-531.Abstract

Glassford et al., 2015 (PDF, 13 MB)

Jiang, Y., Boll, W., and Noll, M. (2015).  Pox neuro control of cell lineages that give rise to larval poly-innervated external sensory organs in DrosophilaDev. Biol. 397, 162-174.Abstract

Jiang et al., 2015 (PDF, 6 MB)

Krstic, D., Boll, W., and Noll, M. (2013).  Influence of the white locus on the courtship behavior of Drosophila males.  PloS ONE 8, e77904.Abstract

Krstic et al., 2013 (PDF, 894 KB)

supplementary movie S1 (MOV, 3 MB)

supplementary movie S2 (MOV, 3 MB)

He, H., and Noll, M. (2013).  Differential and redundant functions of gooseberry and gooseberry neuro in the central nervous system and segmentation of the Drosophila embryo.  Dev. Biol. 382, 209-223.Abstract

He and Noll, 2013 (PDF, 19 MB)

Hill, A., Boll, W., Ries, C., Warner, L., Osswalt, M., Hill, M., and Noll, M. (2010).  Origin of Pax and Six gene families in sponges: Single PaxB and Six1/2 orthologs in Chalinula loosanoffi.  Dev. Biol. 343, 106-123. Abstract

Hill et al., 2010 (PDF, 6 MB)

Spirov, A., Fahmy, K., Schneider, M., Frei, E., Noll, M., and Baumgartner, S. (2009).  Formation of the bicoid morphogen gradient: an mRNA gradient dictates the protein gradient.  Development 136, 605-614. Abstract

Spirov et al., 2009 (PDF, 3 MB)

Shi, Y. and Noll, M. (2009).  Determination of cell fates in the R7 equivalence group of the Drosophila eye by the concerted regulation of D-Pax2 and TTK88.  Dev. Biol. 331, 68-77. Abstract

Shi et al., 2009 (PDF, 4 MB)

Krstic, D., Boll, W., and Noll, M. (2009).  Sensory integration regulating male courtship behavior in Drosophila.  PLoS ONE 4(2), e4457. Abstract

Krstic et al., 2009 (PDF, 2 MB)

supplementary movie 1 (MOV, 754 KB)

supplementary movie 2 (MOV, 538 KB)

supplementary movie 3 (MOV, 7 MB)

supplementary movie 4 (MOV, 334 KB)

Duan, H.*, Zhang, C.*, Chen, J., Sink, H., Frei, E., and Noll, M. (2007).  A key role of Pox meso in somatic myogenesis of Drosophila.  Development 134, 3985-3997. (* joint first authors) Abstract

Duan et al., 2007 (PDF, 7 MB)

Noll, H., Alcedo, J., Daube, M., Frei, E., Schiltz, E., Hunt, J., Humphreys, T., Matranga, V., Hochstrasser, M., Aebersold, R., Lee, H., and Noll, M. (2007).  The toposome, essential for sea urchin cell adhesion and development, is a modified iron-less calcium-binding transferrin.  Dev. Biol. 310, 54-70. Abstract

Noll et al., 2007 (PDF, 5 MB)

Kozmik, Z., Daube, M., Frei, E., Norman, B., Kos, L., Dishaw, L. J., Noll, M., and Piatigorsky, J. (2003).  Role of pax genes in eye evolution: a Cnidarian PaxB gene uniting Pax2 and Pax6 functions.  Dev. Cell 5, 773-785. Abstract

Kozmik et al., 2003 (PDF, 810 KB)

Hirth, F.*, Kammermeier, L.*, Frei, E., Walldorf, U., Noll, M., and Reichert, H. (2003).  An urbilaterian origin of the tripartite brain: developmental genetic insights from Drosophila.  Development 130, 2365-2373. (* joint first authors) Abstract

Hirth et al., 2003 (PDF, 759 KB)

Boll, W. and Noll, M. (2002).  The Drosophila Pox neuro gene: control of male courtship behavior and fertility as revealed by a complete dissection of all enhancers.  Development 129, 5667-5681. Abstract

Boll et al., 2002 (PDF, 769 KB)

Kronhamn, J., Frei, E., Daube, M., Jiao, R., Shi, Y., Noll, M., and Rasmuson-Lestander, Å. (2002).  Headless flies produced by mutations in the paralogous Pax6 genes eyeless and twin of eyeless.  Development 129, 1015-1026. Abstract

Kronham et al., 2002 (PDF, 444 KB)

Xue, L. and Noll, M. (2002).  Dual role of the Pax gene paired in accessory gland development of Drosophila.  Development 129, 339-346. Abstract

Xue et al., 2002 (PDF, 230 KB)

Jiao, R., Daube, M., Duan, H., Zou, Y., Frei, E., and Noll, M. (2001).  Headless flies generated by developmental pathway interference.  Development 128, 3307-3319. Abstract

Jiao et al., 2001 (PDF, 432 KB)

Xue, L., Li, X., and Noll, M. (2001).  Multiple protein functions of Paired in Drosophila development and their conservation in the Gooseberry and Pax3 homologs.  Development 128, 395-405. Abstract

Xue et al., 2001 (PDF, 325 KB)

Flores, G.V.*, Duan, H.*, Yan, H.*, Nagaraj, R.*, Fu, W., Zhou, Y., Noll, M., and Banerjee, U. (2000).  Combinatorial signaling in the specification of unique cell fates.  Cell 103, 75-85. (* joint first authors) Abstract

Flores et al., 2000 (PDF, 613 KB)

Brentrup, D., Lerch, H.-P., Jäckle, H., and Noll, M. (2000).  Regulation of Drosophila wing vein patterning: net encodes a bHLH protein repressing rhomboid and is repressed by rhomboid-dependent Egfr signalling.  Development 127, 4729-4741. Abstract

Brentrup et al., 2000 (PDF, 2 MB)

Alcedo, J.*, Zou, Y.*, and Noll, M. (2000).  Posttranscriptional regulation of Smoothened is part of a self-correcting mechanism in the Hedgehog signaling system.  Mol. Cell 6, 457-465.  (* joint first authors) Abstract

Alcedo et al., 2000 (PDF, 268 KB)

Xue, L. and Noll, M. (2000).  Drosophila female sexual behavior induced by sterile males showing copulation complementation.  Proc. Natl. Acad. USA 97, 3272-3275. Abstract

Xue et al., 2000 (PDF, 123 KB)

Zilian, O., Frei, E., Burke, R., Brentrup, D., Gutjahr, T., Bryant, P.J., and Noll, M. (1999).  double-time is identical to discs overgrown, which is required for cell survival, proliferation and growth arrest in Drosophila imaginal discs.  Development 126, 5409-5420. Abstract

Zilian et al., 1999 (PDF, 572 KB)

Kavaler, J., Fu, W., Duan, H., Noll, M., and Posakony, J.W. (1999).  An essential role for the Drosophila Pax2 homolog in the differentiation of adult sensory organs.  Development 126, 2261-2272. Abstract

Kavaler et al., 1999 (PDF, 446 KB)

Fu, W.*, Duan, H.*, Frei, E., and Noll, M. (1998).  shaven and sparkling are mutations in separate enhancers of the Drosophila Pax2 homolog.  Development 125, 2943-2950.  (* joint first authors) Abstract

Fu et al., 1998 (PDF, 231 KB)

Vorbrüggen, G., Constien, R., Zilian, O., Wimmer, E.A., Dowe, G., Taubert, H., Noll, M., and Jäckle, H. (1997).  Embryonic expression and characterization of a Ptx1 homolog in Drosophila.  Mech. Dev. 68, 139-147. Abstract

Vorbrüggen et al., 1997 (PDF, 959 KB)

Fu, W. and Noll, M. (1997).  The Pax2 homolog of sparkling is required for development of cone and pigment cells in the Drosophila eye.  Genes Dev. 11, 2066-2078. Abstract

Fu et al., 1997 (PDF, 1 MB)

Alcedo, J. and Noll, M. (1997).  Hedgehog and its Patched-Smoothened receptor complex: a novel signalling mechanism at the cell surface.  Biol. Chem. 378, 583-590.  Abstract

Alcedo et al., 1997 (PDF, 2 MB)

Duman-Scheel, M., Li, X., Orlov, I., Noll, M., and Patel, N. H. (1997).  Genetic separation of the neural and cuticular patterning functions of gooseberry.  Development 124, 2855-2865.  Abstract

Duman-Scheel et al., 1997 (PDF, 1 MB)

Stone, D.M., Hynes, M., Armanini, M., Swanson, T.A., Gu, Q., Johnson, R.L., Scott, M.P., Pennica, D., Goddard, A., Phillips, H., Noll, M., Hooper, J.E., de Sauvage, F., and Rosenthal, A. (1996).  The tumour-suppressor gene patched encodes a candidate receptor for Sonic hedgehog.  Nature 384, 129-134.  Abstract

Stone et al., 1996 (PDF, 1 MB)

Alcedo, J., Ayzenzon, M., Von Ohlen, T., Noll, M., and Hooper, J.E. (1996).  The Drosophila smoothened gene encodes a seven-pass membrane protein, a putative receptor for the Hedgehog signal.  Cell 86, 221-232.  Abstract

Alcedo et al., 1996 (PDF, 2 MB)

Xue, L. and Noll, M. (1996).  The functional conservation of proteins in evolutionary alleles and the dominant role of enhancers in evolution.  EMBO J. 15, 3722 - 3731.  Abstract

Xue et al., 1996 (PDF, 5 MB)

Gutjahr, T., Frei, E., Spicer, C., Baumgartner, S., White, R.A.H., and Noll, M. (1995).  The Polycomb-group gene, extra sex combs, encodes a nuclear member of the WD-40 repeat family.  EMBO J. 14, 4296-4306.  Abstract

Gutjahr et al., 1995 (PDF, 3 MB)

Clark, H.F.*, Brentrup, D.*, Schneitz, K., Bieber, A., Goodman, C.S., and Noll, M. (1995).  Dachsous encodes a member of the cadherin superfamily that controls imaginal disc morphogenesis in Drosophila.  Genes Dev. 9, 1530-1542.  (* joint first authors)  Abstract

Clark et al., 1995 (PDF, 8 MB)

Justice, R.W.*, Zilian, O.*, Woods, D.F., Noll, M., and Bryant, P.J. (1995).  The Drosophila tumor suppressor gene warts encodes a homolog of human myotonic dystrophy kinase and is required for the control of cell shape and proliferation.  Genes Dev. 9, 534-546.  (* joint first authors)  Abstract

Justice et al., 1995 (PDF, 11 MB)

Gutjahr, T., Alonso, C.E.V., Pick, L., and Noll, M. (1994).  Multiple regulatory elements direct the complex expression pattern of the Drosophila segmentation gene paired.  Mech. Dev. 48, 119-128.  Abstract

Gutjahr et al., 1994 (PDF, 1 MB)

Li, X. and Noll, M. (1994).  Compatibility between enhancers and promoters determines the transcriptional specificity of gooseberry and gooseberry neuro in the Drosophila embryo.  EMBO J. 13, 400-406.  Abstract

Li et al., 1994 (PDF, 4 MB)

Li, X. and Noll, M. (1994).  Evolution of distinct developmental functions of three Drosophila genes by acquisition of different cis-regulatory regions.  Nature 367, 83-87.  Abstract

Li et al., 1994 (PDF, 4 MB)

Li, X. and Noll, M. (1993).  Role of the gooseberry gene in Drosophila embryos: maintenance of wingless expression by a wingless-gooseberry autoregulatory loop.  EMBO J. 12, 4499-4509.  Abstract

Li et al., 1993 (PDF, 10 MB)

Shapiro, D.N., Sublett, J.E., Li, B., Valentine, M.B., Morris, S.W., and Noll, M. (1993).  The gene for PAX7, a member of the paired-box-containing genes, is localized on human chromosome arm 1p36.  Genomics 17, 767-769.  Abstract

Shapiro et al., 1993 (PDF, 172 KB)

Noll, M. (1993).  Evolution and role of Pax genes. [Review].  Curr. Opin. Genet. Dev. 3, 595-605.  Abstract

Noll 1993 (PDF, 4 MB)

Gutjahr, T., Patel, N.H., Li, X., Goodman, C.S., and Noll, M. (1993).  Analysis of the gooseberry locus in Drosophila embryos: gooseberry determines the cuticular pattern and activates gooseberry neuro.  Development 118, 21-31.  Abstract

Gutjahr et al., 1993 (PDF, 201 KB)

Li, X., Gutjahr, T., and Noll, M. (1993).  Separable regulatory elements mediate the establishment and maintenance of cell states by the Drosophila segment-polarity gene gooseberry.  EMBO J. 12, 1427-1436.  Abstract

Li et al., 1993 (PDF, 3 MB)

Gutjahr, T., Frei, E., and Noll, M. (1993).  Complex regulation of early paired expression: initial activation by gap genes and pattern modulation by pair-rule genes.  Development 117, 609-623.  Abstract

Gutjahr et al., 1993 (PDF, 374 KB)

Schneitz, K., Spielmann, P., and Noll, M. (1993).  Molecular genetics of aristaless, a prd-type homeo box gene involved in the morphogenesis of proximal and distal pattern elements in a subset of appendages in Drosophila.  Genes Dev. 7, 114-129.  Abstract

Schneitz et al., 1993 (PDF, 6 MB)

Selected earlier publications

Dambly-Chaudière, C., Jamet, E., Burri, M., Bopp, D., Basler, K., Hafen, E., Dumont, N., Spielmann, P., Ghysen, A., and Noll, M. (1992).  The paired box gene pox neuro: a determinant of poly-innervated sense organs in Drosophila.  Cell 69, 159-172. Abstract

Dambly-Chaudière et al., 1992 (PDF, 4 MB)

Bopp, D., Jamet, E., Baumgartner, S., Burri, M., and Noll M. (1989).  Isolation of two tissue-specific Drosophila paired box genes, Pox meso and Pox neuro.  EMBO J. 8, 3447-3457. Abstract

Bopp et al., 1989 (PDF, 3 MB)

Burri, M., Tromvoukis, Y., Bopp, D., Frigerio, G., and Noll, M. (1989).  Conservation of the paired domain in metazoans and its structure in three isolated human genes.  EMBO J. 8, 1183-1190. Abstract

Burri et al., 1989 (PDF, 1 MB)

Bopp, D., Burri, M., Baumgartner, S., Frigerio, G. and Noll, M. (1986).  Conservation of a large protein domain in the segmentation gene paired and in functionally related genes of Drosophila.  Cell 47, 1033-1040. Abstract

Bopp et al., 1986 (PDF, 3 MB)

Frigerio, G., Burri, M., Bopp, D., Baumgartner, S., and Noll, M. (1986).  Structure of the segmentation gene paired and the Drosophila PRD gene set as part of a gene network.  Cell 47, 735-746. Abstract

Frigerio et al., 1986 (PDF, 4 MB)

Kilchherr, F., Baumgartner, S., Bopp, D., Frei, E., and Noll, M. (1986).   Isolation of the paired gene of Drosophila and its spatial expression during early embryogenesis.  Nature 321, 493-499.

Kilchherr et al., 1986 (PDF, 4 MB)

Levy, A., and Noll, M. (1981).  Chromatin fine structure of active and repressed genes.  Nature 289, 198-203. Abstract

Levy et al., 1981 (PDF, 2 MB)

Dubochet, J. and Noll, M. (1978).  Nucleosome arcs and helices.  Science 202, 280-286.

Dubochet and Noll 1978 (PDF, 4 MB)

Noll, M. (1974).  Subunit structure of chromatin.  Nature 251, 249-251.

Noll 1974 (PDF, 942 KB)

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