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Department of Molecular Life Sciences

Prof. Dr. Peter Gallant


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Currently at the Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg

Control of proliferation

How is proliferation controlled during development and disease? To answer this question we are focussing on the function of the Drosophila myc homolog (dmyc). The myc proto-oncogenes are causally involved in more than 14 % of human cancer deaths, yet comparatively little is known about their normal function in proliferation control.
In our previous work, we have shown that dmyc plays an essential function in the control of cellular growth during normal development. We are now taking different
experimental approaches to analyse dmyc function and regulation at the molecular level. One example is the use of DNA microarrays to identify the downstream transcriptional targets of dMyc in vivo. These experiments are combined with genetic screens and a molecular analysis of the transcriptional co-factors of dmyc. Together, these approaches will ultimately allow us to connect the function of the Myc-gene to other pathways controlling pattern and growth during animal development.

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