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Department of Molecular Life Sciences

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Wehner

Curriculum Vitae

 Name  WEHNER 
 First Name  Rüdiger
 Position  Full Professor, Ph.D.
 1960 - 1967 Undergraduate and graduate studies in Zoology, Botany, Physics (BA level), Chemistry, and Philosophy at the University of Frankfurt/M, Germany
 1966 Civil-service examination in Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, and Philosophy ("with distinction")
 1967 Ph.D. thesis ("summa cum laude"), Institute of Zoology, University of Frankfurt/M, Germany. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Martin Lindauer. "Zur Physiologie des Formensehens bei der Biene (Apis mellifera): Winkelunterscheidung an frontal gebotenen Streifenmustern bei variabler Lage der Musterebene im Schwerefeld" (Wehner, R.: Pattern recognition in bees. Nature 215, 1244-1248, 1967)
 Research experience and positions held
 1966 Research Assistant with Professor M. Lindauer, University of Frankfurt/M
 1967 Assistant with Professor E. Hadorn, Institute of Zoology, University of Zurich
 1970 Assistant Professor for Animal Physiology, University of Zurich
 1972 Associate Professor, University of Zurich
 1973-1974 Senior Research Fellow, Department of Biology, Yale University, USA
 1974 - 2005 Full Professor, University of Zurich
 1988 - 1994 Andrew Dixon White Professor (at Large), Cornell University, USA
 1986 - 2005 Director of the Institute of Zoology, University of Zurich