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Department of Molecular Life Sciences

Michael Walser

Michael Walser

Research Associate

Dr. Michael Walser

Office Y55-L-28A

Tel +41 44 635 48 66


Michael grew up in Zurich and received his Master’s degree in Developmental Biology from the University of Zurich. After an internship in the laboratory of Christos Samakovlis at the University of Stockholm, he did his PhD in Alex Hajnal’s Lab. After a postdoc in the lab of Philip Bosshard at the Department of Dermatology USZ, Michael returned to the Department of Molecular Biology, where he is currently transferring research findings from C. elegans to mammalian cells. In addition, he takes care of the lab-organization and is lecturer and organizer of the practical courses BIO142 and BIO260.

In his free time Michael plays the cello in the alumni symphony orchestra, photographs, and likes to travel to Sweden.


Research interests

•    Gene knockout by lentiCRISPR
•    RAS/MAPK signaling and cell-cycle in human cells
•    Cell migration and cell invasion
•    Confocal laser scanning microscopy and light microscopy


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