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Department of Molecular Life Sciences

Katharina Schmidt

Katharina Schmidt

Lab Manager

Dr. Katharina Schmidt

Office Y55-K-78

Tel +41 44 635 31 78


For a long time Kathi didn’t make it very far from the Franconian village where she grew up to University of Erlangen where she studied molecular medicine, and did her PhD in virology about herpesviral immunomodulation, until she decided to apply this knowledge about viruses in the real world, working for HIV projects for doctors without borders in Lesotho and South Africa. There she missed lab research a lot, and therefore did a short postdoc at Walter Schaffner’s lab at the DMLS, where she also met Martin for the first time and fell in love with Switzerland, so that - after a short excursion away from academia working as an assistant editor for the European Journal of Immunology - she was very happy to come back as a lab manager to the Müller lab. Apart from discovering new questions in the lab, Kathi also likes being outside and discovering new places where she has never been before.