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Department of Molecular Life Sciences

Marion Haug

Marion Haug

Research Associate

Dr. Marion Haug

Office Y13-K-50    Lab Y13-K-68

Tel +41 44 635 48 32

Monday and Wednesday



Marion was born in Zurich and received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Biology (Neuroscience) from the University of Zurich. While finishing her secondary education in teaching she started a PhD in Stephan Neuhauss’ Lab at the University of Zurich. The use of molecular biological tools and behavioral studies in Zebrafish allowed her to shine light into retinal signal transmission, focusing on the first visual synapse between photoreceptors and bipolar cells. In 2012 after graduating, she continued her work in Stephan Neuhauss’ Lab but also started working as a teaching assistant in Monica Zwicky’s Lab at the University of Zurich.

In her free time she teaches sports at the academic sports center in Zurich and at a local gym club. She enjoys all kinds of summer and winter sports and loves traveling.


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