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Department of Molecular Life Sciences

Tracking of zebrafish shoals using Trackit 3D

The swimming behavior of several zebrafish are tracked in real time as they exert natural social behavior in the context of the shoal.



Patent pending (EP17201330.2)



"Precise 3D-tracking enables the detailed analysis of fish behavior, including general locomotor and social behavior. Such a detailed analysis will yield ethograms of various fish behaviors that are the basis to compare this wildtype behavior to fish with defined genetic lesions linked to human movement and behavior disorders. The spare data storage enables recordings behaviors over many hours and days." 


The fish are filmed from below using video cameras and the 3D body positions measured in real time to control external devices and save the data in a sparse data format. In a subsequent analysis, the behavioural parameters relevant to the performed experiment are extracted.  


Involved people:

Dr. Steven Fry

Prof. Stephan Neuhauss

 SciTrackS LLC (Bertschikon, Switzerland).