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Department of Molecular Life Sciences

VisioTracker, an Innovative Automated Approach to Oculomotor Analysis

VisioTracker is a fully automated, high-throughput system for quantitative analysis of visual performance.

The system is based on research carried out in the group of Prof. Stephan Neuhauss and was re-designed by TSE Systems.

It consists of an immobilizing device for small fish monitored by a high-quality video camera equipped with a high-resolution zoom lens. The fish container is surrounded by a drum screen, upon which computer-generated stimulus patterns can be projected. Eye movements are recorded and automatically analyzed by the VisioTracker software package in real time.

Data analysis enables immediate recognition of parameters such as slow and fast phase duration, movement cycle frequency, slow-phase gain, visual acuity, and contrast sensitivity.

Typical results allow for example the rapid identification of visual system mutants that show no apparent alteration in wild type morphology, or the determination of quantitative effects of pharmacological or toxic and mutagenic agents on visual system performance.

Journal of visualized Experiments (JOVE)

involved person:

Dr. Kaspar Müller, a former Neuhauss-Team member

Prof. Stephan Neuhauss

TSE company