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Department of Molecular Life Sciences

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  • from Haug et al(2013): mGluR5b In Situ
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Evolution of Gene Families

Zebrafish are members of the teleosts (ray-finned fishes) that constitute more than half of all extant vertebrate species. This remarkable radiation was likely helped by a whole genome duplication event that occurred at the base of the lineage. Functional redundancy of duplicated genes paves the way for interesting functional divergence, leading to experimental conditions where cell type specific genetic manipulations become feasible.

This favorable evolutionary scenario also has important ramification for the evolution of gene families. We use bioinformatic approaches to build phylogenies of selected gene families to achieve correct gene annotations and get insight into their evolution.  

People involved:

Dr. Matthias Gesemann

Dr. Marion Haug


Selected publications:

Haug MF, Gesemann M, Berger M, Neuhauss SCF. (2018). Phylogeny and distribution of protein kinase C variants in the zebrafish. Journal of Comparative Neurology in press


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