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Department of Molecular Life Sciences

Shayan Shamipour

Dr. Shayan Shamipour

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Shayan Shamipour

Office Y55-K-22

Tel +41 44 635 31 77




Shayan obtained his MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield. After that, he joined the lab of Professor Carl-Philipp Heisenberg at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria to investigate the role of mechanical forces in shaping the developing embryo. Mainly, his PhD work focused on understanding the mechanisms that drive the cytoplasmic organization in zebrafish oocytes and embryos. His work unravelled previously uncharacterized roles of cell cytoskeleton and organelle fusion in inducing cytoplasmic organization across large length scales. Shayan joined the lab in 2022 to study the extent and potential functions of cellular heterogeneities in decision-making processes leading to tissue-scale symmetry-breaking during animal development.