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Department of Molecular Life Sciences

Group Activities

Peri group 2021

Sport activities

Katrin and Ludo represented the Peri lab during the SOLA stafette 2019 running in the team "Let's get fishical"

Let's get fishical team

Let's get fishical team
From left to right: João, Ludo, Sebastian, Claudia, Domino, Ruxandra, Katrin, Chiara, Markus, Adriana, Stephan, Tamara




Peri Lab and Friends

Ambra's PhD Defence

(December 2018) From left to right: Katrin, Ludo, Asia, Joergen, Ambra, Eli, Kamil, Conny, Ale Photo credit to Alessandra







ambra hat
Ambra's PhD hat
ambra hat
Detail of a green microglia engulfing a blue neuron