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Department of Molecular Life Sciences

Claudio Schmidt

PhD Student

Claudio Schmidt

Office Y32-J-70

Tel +41 44 635 66 36

Claudio studied Molecular Medicine at the Medical University Innsbruck, Austria. Through several internships (New York, Munich and Oslo) with different neuroscientific approaches he decided to strive for a career in neuroscience. After a master thesis at pre-clinical level of neurodegenerative diseases in Nadia Stefanova‘s lab in Innsbruck he made up his mind to tackle neuronal disorders at earlier stages. It amazes him that the brain with the nervous system is responsible for all these important features (sensory perceptions, emotions, movements, memory formation, general body homeostasis etc.) and yet, we still understand so little of it. To decipher the wiring of our brain and the nervous system on a molecular level at the very first second in embryonic development is the kind of research he wants to contribute to and he is convinced that this will impact our understanding of our brain in health as well as disease. His research in the Stoeckli lab focuses on how mutations in components of the mediator complex lead to intellectual disability and congenital heart defects in children. In his free time Claudio enjoys brewing special coffee in good company, hiking high up in the mountains, running and playing Badminton.